One nice thing about travel is having friends all over the place. Well, a great friend of mine, and the blog tipped me off to inform me that Qatar Airways flight to Sydney have dropped from the record lows of £1400-£1600 and are coming in for select dates at a shocking £1080 round trip. That’s Qatar Airways Dreamliner, flat bed, brand new cabin! 

The Deal

Qatar Airways is in the middle of it’s “Travel Festival”, I’m not sure if David Guetta or Oasis is headlining, we’re awaiting news. But anyway, back in the real world it means incredible prices in all cabins, especially in business class. Certain online travel agencies like GotoGate and Expedia seem to have special fares on certain routes, including Oslo to Sydney for £1080 return in BUSINESS! This will price out at 13741 NOK. Qatar is known for top notch champagne (Krug) and over the top food. Nobu is one of their celebrity chef’s! 

The Dates

Remember, winter in Northern Hemisphere equals summer in Southern Hemisphere. We’re seeing a variety of sporadic dates In September, October, November and even into December. You’ll need to search on, Norway’s Expedia to find these incredible prices. Be sure you don’t get redirected to your local Expedia site. Be diligent and don’t come back complaining. Dates are there, people are booking, you’ll just have to search. 

Booking seems to have an exclusive promotion on these fares. You’ll find them for £1400 or more on Qatar directly, but on you’ll find the price of £1080 on select dates. This is truly the lowest fares we’ve ever seen on this route in business, for legitimate, intentionally filed great deal fares, which these definitely are. If you happened to book one of the more recent amazing deals where Qatar was offering these fares at £1400-1600 that were refundable, after double checking the refundability (yes I made that word up), you could theoretically rebook at this better rate. 

Expert Tips

Credit your miles to American Airlines if you have no status at all and would like to take the Platinum Challenge, gaining you instant One World Sapphire. If you’re a BA flier, credit to British Airways Executive Club. 

HT: Captain Global