In the never ending measuring stick contest for world fuel consumption domination and long flights, a dominant competitor has just seemingly bowed out. Before officially taking the crown for the unexpected, obscure new route it had just announced, Emirates seems to be cancelling the world’s new longest flight before it actually takes place. Things just got weird..

In August, Emirates announced Dubai to Panama City direct service on a Boeing 777-200LR. Perhaps I was missing the connection between Dubai and Panama City, Panama City being a major tourist destination, or that the people of Panama were notorious road warrior travelers, aiming to flood Emirates cabins, but it always struck me as strange. Of course, that’s even easier to say now, after it’s seemingly been cancelled, or at the very least, heavily delayed. 

Whether the airline has officially informed anyone or not, any reservations from the planned inaugural flight on February 1st, 2016 all the way through to March 31st 2016 are cancelled. The flights have been zeroed out, putting at the very least, an extended hold on the launch of the world’s new longest flight. As a non qualified doctor, I’m calling this one dead before arrival. I don’t expect the route to ever launch as a passenger service. Perhaps cargo.

This leaves us with the old world’s ten longest flights, for now. Qantas, Singapore and other leading carriers are anticipating new aircraft variants capable of imminently stretching these title holder flights. Don’t be surprised to see London to Perth service, as well as the return of a direct New York to Singapore flight. For now, Qantas retains the crown. 

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