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For real deal hunters, booking a ticket is never as simple as plugging in your home city and your destination. It’s often the lesser, more obscure, or oft travelled routes that lead to the best prices, most comfort or most miles. I’ve compiled a list of North American and European cities which seem to constantly offer the best savings and deals to destinations all around the world…

North America


Many of the world’s top carriers are battling it out for dominance in Toronto and Montreal. You’ll find particularly good fares to Asia and Europe, with opportunities for sizable discounts on business and economy. With the tanking of the Canadian dollar, it’s particularly good for US travelers who don’t mind a quick trip North to get started. Especially true for US East Coast travelers. 

Los Angeles

People want to go to Hollywood, therefore people must also leave it. With the tourist boom, we’re seeing amazing fares across the country in the US starting in Los Angeles, as well as substantial deals and discounts to Northern Asia including Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing as well as South America. Rio is always a good place to be! From time to time you’ll also spot excellent offers going the other way, with excellent fares to Western Europe, particularly Scandinavian countries. 


Vancouver is extremely well positioned high up on the Western coast of the North American land mass and that means short flights to Asia, less fuel for airlines, and a whole lot of accessibility that needs passengers. Some of the best business class deals to Asia are regularly found from Vancouver, and as I mentioned, with the dwindling Canadian dollar, it’s a great opportunity for West Coast USA travelers looking to save big on Asian fare in any cabin. 


Perhaps it’s the shorter distance to Europe, or that airlines just want to convince everyone in every city to travel, but Boston has managed not to be left out in the war for cheap air fares. You’ll find continental fares including California and Florida, as well as below average rates to China, Scandinavian countries, Ireland and more. 



If you love cheap flights to virtually any city in North America, look no further than Dublin. You’ll find business class at economy pricing on most routes, literally. If you’d rather fly economy, so be it, you might even save a couple hundred euros, on what are already amongst the lowest fares to Europe. Dublin is easily accessed by many airlines and absolutely worth the trek to start a trip off… cheap!


Getting to South East Asia and Australia is virtually never cheap anywhere else than from Oslo. We’ve seen deals in all cabins for a fraction of the usual price, with business class to Australia dropping as low as £1000, roughly $1800 and to Bangkok, as low as £596! That’s round trip in flat bed business! Whatever your preference, you’ll undoubtedly save big searching for your far away trips starting in Oslo, rather than whatever city you’re in. Find a cheap way to get there and back, and book. 


Another one? Yep! Airline fares are dictated by what people will pay and demand by region. I’m not saying people in Scandinavian countries are cheap, but they haven’t been too keen to pay high prices; there are lots of new, expanding airlines which want their business and therefore, there are extremely low fares to North America, South America and Asia. 


For reasons unbeknownst to me, Germans seem to love South America, particularly Rio, Buenos Aires and Santiago. Many top South American and European carriers fly routes between Frankfurt and the Southern continent, and for that reason there’s a hotbed of competition. We’ve seen both economy and business fares at record lows this year, so be sure to search both. You never know what you might be able to swing for an amazing trip!

All of this advice is predicated on the idea that you are a savvy enough traveler to use a few miles, find a cheap flight, or do whatever it takes to get to one of these locations. Some flights even return through your home, allowing those who know the game to hop off. If you’re going long haul, you want to do it the best way possible for the least amount of money, and more times than not, doing it from one of these locations will get you exactly what you need.

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