You always need to try to make the most of what you’ve got. When it comes to airline status, you’ll want to make the most of your status by parlaying it into status across many airlines, airline alliances and networks, not just the one you worked so hard to become elite with. Airberlin has been matching German and Swiss nationals, but now, they’ve expanded to the US, offering an incredible opportunity to turn hard earned SkyTeam or Star Alliance status into OneWorld status complete with lounge access, business class check in, fee waivers and more across many of the world’s leading airlines, including American. You don’t even lose the status you currently have…

To Match

Create an Airberlin TopBonus account, write your new Airberlin frequent flyer number down,  Email with a legible scan or copy of your current frequent flyer card, requesting a match to the highest possible level and referencing your new Airberlin account, with number included. Per their offer page, the offer is limited to US, German, Austrian and Swiss residents and there have been reports of the match team asking for proof of residency or citizenship, so just be aware and be prepared to send a photo ID or bill statement. You more than likely will not need to. 

Why You Should Do It

The start of a new year is often the beginning of an end to all the hard work and flying you put in the year before. While you’re a golden, platinum or diamond flyer, basking in the sunlight, you might as well find yourself an additional status across other top airlines, for those times you need to venture out. OneWorld includes American, British Airways, Airberlin, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways and many other leading ventures. You’ll be able to access lounges and major benefits with each and every one of them, just by sending a copy of your current membership card. You have literally nothing to lose, except maybe two minutes of your time.

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