It’s warmer in New York than it usually is this time of year, but I can say without a doubt it’s warmer in more ways than one in Miami right now. Assuming you’ve over spent on presents and drinks for New Years, what better way to soak up the pain than a trip to the sun and sand of Miami. After all, First Class is only $334 round trip…

The Deal

Delta is pricing JFK to MIA flights insanely low in January, capturing the winter blues. For $334 you can find a plethora of dates, particularly in later January at $334 round trip. If a post New Years getaway is what you crave, it’s still available earlier in the month at a very palatable $445. Simply log on to and book! No tricks, no tips. 

The Dates

There are select dates in January reflecting this price, many of which are available for short weekend stays. You’ll need to plug the dates in yourself but here’s a nice look at what I found in a matter of seconds. Don’t let laziness stand in your way. Go to, select flexible dates, search and find out what works for you.


Hopefully you’ve noticed a theme. All you need to do is go to, find availability for your dates in First or Business, enter your card info and book. I can’t think of an easier and better place to get a little winter tan than Miami for a couple days, especially when you’ll get all the First class benefits and bragging rights the whole way!

HT: AirfareWatchDog

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