It is absolutely **** (your choice) insane how quickly and efficiently packages reach us, well, most of the time. You order something the night before, and magically it appears at your door, all before lunch time. UPS handles a whopping four million packages each night. Does that number sound very high or very low to you? You’re right, that’s just at it’s Louisville, Kentucky sort facility alone. Here’s a video which beautifully explains more than I ever could, and in a much more captivating and stimulating format. Just…wow. 

According to Scott Mayerowitz, UPS will deliver roughly 36 million packages tomorrow, over a million more than the previous year. A single facility, as well evidenced by the video above, can process 416,000 packages per hour. What did you do with your last hour?!

This all just leaves you with one question: how do Santa and his team of elves and reindeer get it done? After all, he’s competing with parallel runways at some of the world’s largest airports and nearly half a million employees world wide. He’s a special guy I suppose…

HT: Gary Leff + Scott Meyerowitz

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