It’s probably Hollywood or rap music videos that have ruined us, but there’s something extremely appealing about private jet travel. I mean seriously, at prices bordering or beating economy who would NOT want to fly private? No lines, no elbow wars, not even traditional airport security! Jet Smarter, which I’ve already written up, now has a promo code worth $500 that can make your first jet trip run around $500….FOR A WHOLE PLANE. 

JetSmarter, as any start up should, are being quite aggressive in their courting of customers. When you pick up a “Jet Deal”, which are deals available on empty legs, you lock in a very low price to begin with. For example, London to Paris or New York to Boston generally runs roughly $1000-$1500 depending on the jet through the app. Well, any user can input code GET500 when signing up or after, to redeem just like an Uber credit. So yes, you guessed it, if you live in a city where a jet deal happens to be, you could fly all your friends or family on a private jet for $500 one way. 

Many of the jets fit eight passengers so lets do some math. A train or commercial airline ticket from any city like New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Rome, Nice etc, which regularly pop up on the app, is going to run at least $150 one way, often more than $250. Per person! If you got a jet fitting eight passengers for $500 you would be paying $62.5 per person, for a PRIVATE JET. 

Look, I don’t care if you take it, I’m not making any commission here, but I do think that someone could have the trip of a lifetime by unlocking the value here. Spontaneous weekend getaway, surprise birthday celebration, bachelor party, the possibilities are endless. I just think it would be cool to fly around for an hour on a jet! If you happen to find something that works for you, do send pictures!

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