If you’ve been out to dinner in Beverly Hills, you know it doesn’t take very long to distinguish between real and fake. I find “Premium Economy” the same way, except in reverse. If it looks like economy, it’s fake, if it looks completely different, it’s real, it’s an actual “premium” economy. To the delight of many travelers, American Airlines will introduce a true, brand new premium economy with an all new seat. Sort of…

Real premium economy is a huge win for the passenger experience. More comfort, more amenities, perks the whole way, all without the business class price tag. American seems to have drawn from the playbook of other best in class Premium Economy offerings including Singapore, Virgin Atlantic and JAL featuring a foot rest, which I find greatly helps me sleep, improved pitch and enough width for santa clause. If not, at least one of his elves perhaps. On top of the on board amenities, you can expect priority check in, boarding, meal service and more. When?! You can expect these bad boys to be curtained off on flights starting in 2016 with initial launch on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, followed shortly by the Airbus A350 and all the while being retrofitted on the airlines current 777W’s. 

Does it remind you of Singapore’s seat pictured above? Who cares. Airlines constantly want to charge more for “premium” economy but in my opinion few products, most of which are just a seat with an extra pillow, are worth a dime more. Seats such as these, which will comprise entirely separate cabins, ground experiences, meals and services are absolutely worth more. Most happily, the “premium” to sit in one is often a lot closer to the realm of affordability than other options. My back deserves it. Yours?

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