Forget dreams, you can be home for Christmas in person. Scoring 50% off of anything you actually want is a reason to be merry and bright and a nice airline ticket definitely beats a lot of the other stuff we may acquire during the holiday season! Virgin America are offering a fantastic flash sale bringing holiday cheer to anyone who needs to travel between December 18th and January 1st in Main Cabin Select or First, and between December 18th and late February for anyone traveling economy. 

New York, San Francisco, LA, Vegas, The Tropics, Chicago and so much more. Wherever home, or just a nice getaway is for you, it’s all covered and you can take 50% off main cabin select and first by simply using promo code: DELACREME at checkout for booking made directly on the Virgin America site. If economy is your jam, enter CONDENAST. That should also probably tell you which major publication arranged the deal. 

I’ve never flown Virgin America but I do hope to change that and have heard lovely things about their best in class internet with speeds capable of streaming Netflix. I can get behind that. That’s all I’ve got. Just a nice discount to pass along, hopefully to get you where you want to be for the holidays on a very highly rated US airline, disrupting the status quo of major carriers. 

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