What did you do today? Nothing. That’s the answer you’ll probably get from every pilot that works for a top secret airline run in partnership between the US Government and top defense contractor AECOM. I didn’t see anything, I didn’t touch anything, I certainly didn’t see all the aliens playing poker and I absolutely did not fly a Boeing 737 on its daily flight from Las Vegas to Area 51, which is professionally known as a site on Groom Lake, Nevada.

Even top secret companies need pilots and these days good pilots are scarce. Pilots who can garner top secret security clearance, yes top secret, not just secret are even harder to come by. Who doesn’t have a few skeletons in the closet?! Sure enough, plain as day, there is a job posting to become a top secret pilot online. The “airline”, which I do struggle to call as such, flies unmarked Boeing 737’s from a private, highly guarded and fenced terminal at Las Vegas McCarran, to various sites which don’t appear on maps. So, what do you call an airline that technically doesn’t fly to anywhere? Janet. Yep, Janet. JANET is an acronym for “Just Another Non Existent Terminal”. I wonder if they have lounges?!

As a fan of conspiracy theories and other topics which don’t, and never will have answers, I truly love that this is real. I can’t imagine what an interesting, or deathly boring life it must be to ferry government officials and contractors with top secret clearances to the most rumored and hallowed sites of the earth. Are aliens real? Do we have Vanilla Sky like technology? You’ll have to apply to find out and even then, you can’t tell anyone. Or else they’ll…. you know the rest.


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