This time of year feels like a very cruel annual joke to travelers in many weather prone parts of the world. It’s where the airport takes on an entirely different setting. How can you not be affected seeing thousands of dejected travelers facing insurmountable waits, cancellations and losing the Holiday spirit? With that in mind, here’s a list of the world’s most on time airports, which may or may not be helpful…

Largest Airports: 20,000,000 + Flights 

1. Munich 2. Tokyo 3. Seattle 4. Singapore 5. Minneapolis 6. Amsterdam 7. Frankfurt 8. Sydney 9. Miami 10. Charlotte. 

Medium Airports: 10,000,000-20,000,000 Flights 

1. Osaka 2. Moscow 3. Copenhagen 4. Salt Lake City 5. Vienna 6. Helsinki 7. Oslo 8. Berlin Tegel 9. Dusseldorf 10. Madrid.

Small Airports: Less Than 10,000,000 Flights

1. Bristol 2. Brussels Charleroi 3. Berlin SchΓΆnefeld 4. Trondheim 5. Bergen 6. Stavanger 7. Adelaide 8. Milan Linate 9. Hannover 10. London Luton.

Taps microphone… excuse me? Noticeably absent here are the airports I regularly need. Heathrow, JFK, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Los Angeles! These rankings based off of on time performance, are ordered by percentage of on time departures. It should be noted that in the event of weather, larger airports are usually your best bet as they are most prepared to deal with snow, ice, rain and other conditions. So, many of the airports I may need did not indeed make the list, but they may still be one of the best bets for holiday travel. JFK knows how to deal with snow… you might just have to deal with more humanity in the meantime. 

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