Like any great film, sometimes bad news ends up for the better, with everyone happier than they would’ve ever been without the bad news. Well, in this melodramatic plot, I highlighted an amazing opportunity to buy the miles needed to experience the Etihad First Class Apartment, an experience greater than most private flights, for just $981 all in between London and Abu Dhabi. To the dismay of many readers, to buy the necessary miles, you needed an American Airlines account open for 30 days and there were sadly less than 30 days left in the sale to buy miles. Fear not!

The Glorious Update

The sale has been extended to January 4th! Anyone reading this can take advantage. So, repeat after me, if you were going to miss out on the deal before, because of the requirement that you needed an American Airlines AAdvantage account open for 30 days to buy miles before the sale expired on November 30th, you now can snag it. If you didn’t snag it before and still don’t have an AAdvantage account today, you can still snag it if you sign up for an account today and wait 30 days. The sale to buy discounted miles is on until January 4th meaning if you sign up today, you’ll still have the 30 days needed to buy the miles. If you signed up earlier last week or before, prompted by my “why you should open frequent flyer account for airlines you’ve never flown, and may never fly“, you’ll have to wait even less to experience an apartment in the sky!

How To Book It

Whether it actually is or not, I believe my time is valuable, so rather than re hash two posts worth of screenshots and tips to book this amazing deal (wink holiday present?!), I will politely ask you to read through the previous post which has everything you could possibly need to know about finding the space and calling in to book! 

I hope this is great news to people who were totally bummed before. I don’t think there is a greater opportunity to try out a more luxurious product for less money and I know for a fact, with American’s upcoming devaluation later in 2016 that it won’t last forever. You are spending $981 for the 40,000 miles required to take one of the nicest flights in the world. It could be worse….

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