I get asked fairly regularly if there are any places I haven’t been. It’s a smart question, and a lot easier than naming the places I have been. Whenever, I brandish the “I’ve been everywhere” Johnny Cash style answer, I am often greeted with an “Oh yea, what about Antarctica”. After rolling my eyes, I sadly must relent and say that I indeed have not been to Antarctica. I’ve really never even considered it. After watching a Boeing 757 successfully land on a runway built out of ice, it might just climb up the destination list! 

Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions wants to bring people to Antarctica, which while a novel idea, is seemingly ridiculous. The only available runway is on Union Glacier and expectedly, it’s made out of glacier blue ICE. My thoughts exactly. After a mere seven months of logistics and planning, the company successfully landed a commercial airliner on the strip. In true GodSaveThePoints.com style, they did it with an all business class configured aircraft. Believe me, if I’m going to a land where the temperature is higher in negative degrees than it is plus where I live, it won’t be in the back of economy. 

Could this be the big break for tourism in Antarctica? Does Antarctica have a tourism department? I’m now imagining that there’s likely quite a few people who would love an opportunity to vacation on a glacier at the end of the earth. Let’s see: there’s penguins, Santa Claus (oh right, North Pole), never mind, freezing cold temperatures and ice. However you see it, It’s certainly not a day at the office. Regardless, there’s certainly a need to tip the hat to the pilots who gracefully landed a large passenger jet on a glacier. 

HT: Mashable

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