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There can’t be many people on Mars, let alone Earth, who love creating music; breaking and fixing amps or riding scooters to sold out gigs more than Will Noon, drummer for the band FUN. Whether its playing at the White House for the Obama’s, or riding a motorcycle through India, it seems that his sense of humor and enjoyment for life have only multiplied in the years we have known each other. We are pleased to present Will’s hilarious thoughts on travel, touring, music and riding bikes in the rain… 

If you could invent one innovation for flying/travelling what would it be? 

I really think they should make planes with morgue style sleeping compartments. 

What was playing the White House like? 

It was cool. We goofed around. It was an experience but doesn’t compare to playing a show to fans who saved money for a ticket and waited in line for hours and know every word.


Honestly, I think I gifted some to my ex once.  Other than that I think I’m a miles hoarder. They’ll probably change some parameter and my points will disappear some day. Or maybe I’ll freak out and need to run away with my rainy day miles. 

You obviously love Motorcycles, Why? 

I was riding a bicycle back in Philly and NY after having taken a bit of a break from my teens to mid twenties.  Somehow the simple fun of just riding a bike returned to me. Motorcycles have always been in my family.  My dad bought his 1979 Ducati new, and my mom even rode at one point, my brother works for harley davidson… so it was only a matter of time. I rented a small honda 150cc motorbike in India a while back, then a year later on tour i borrowed my friend’s vespa during an off day in LA, and I was hooked.  There’s a certain element of freedom on a bike but there’s also a sense of responsibility that I really enjoy.  I like doing things in my life purposefully and experiencing them, even if its difficult or painful.  I’m far too distracted on a daily basis by social media and the internet and my phone and short superficial text messages… so riding a motorcycle becomes an even more valuable experience.  In one sense, you become unplugged, and detached… you can’t check your phone, mess with the radio, anything really.  In another sense, you become so focused and grounded and in tune with the experience that you are in. On a motorcycle, everything you do affects the bike and everything that the bike experiences, you do as well. If its hot, or cold, you feel it. If its raining, you’re getting wet, you feel the wind, you hear everything. It’s a very intense experience and while some people are very focused drivers, there is really no comparison to driving a car. You interact with the bike in a way that you almost become this half man half machine and it feels fucking exhilarating too.


The last tour we did with Tegan and Sara was pretty awesome. Great band and crew to watch and hang with. Paramore as well.  My old band toured with them in 2005 maybe? It was great to see how they’d grown. 


My friend Paul who I tour with is fun to watch going through customs.  He’s the sweetest dude in the world, but he has very little patience in certain scenarios and they always manage to single him out and give him a hard time. His frustration is a source of joy for me. Oh, actually, the first time I used my new passport, I was a bit nervous, because I thought it was funny to have a terrible mustache and my giant hair when I went to get my photos taken. I seriously look crazy in my passport photo.  So I walk up to the first security gate and the large officer looks down at my passport, then at me, and says “this is no good” and hands it back to me.  I freak out. Silently, and calmly, but my version of a freak out, and a second later he says “you haven’t signed it…” and smiles. 


Someone said we saw method man at an airport once, but I don’t really know who that is. I just know he has a song in which he spells his name.

Favorite Venue On Tour?

A basement. Because they rule.

What was your best flight? 

I’ve had the opportunity to fly private a few times. So that was cool. A few of the international flights still give you food, so that’s nice. But honestly, so far all my flights have landed safely so that’s pretty awesome. (Though I do have fantasies about being shipwrecked so there’s that…) 

Favorite cities?

Berne, Switzerland, awesome city with a great river running through it. It’s really picturesque and they have bears. Hampii in India was pretty fun to explore, lots of ancient ruins and temples and such.

Worst airport experience?

Usually LAX. Though now that I live in LA, I’ve discovered that they have free motorcycle parking, and even if I’m traveling for work and I would get reimbursed for a cab, Uber, parking etc… getting something for free gives me an unreasonable sense of euphoria. 

Money matters to everyone but it seriously matters when you fly almost every week. Any tips for finding the cheapest ticket?

Being flexible seems to help, and setting alerts as well.  Also sometimes you have to check Southwest’s website separately…for some reason they don’t seem to participate in the Kayak type search sites/apps. 

Whats your go to meal on the road? 

I’ve got a signature dish that I’ve created called the Bone Jammer. It’s a very popular item on the bus. 

Ideal vacation spot after a long tour?

Someplace cheap where you can rent a motorcycle or scooter. Maybe a beach or a lake or some nature to explore.  

Who is the funniest guy you’ve toured with? 

Maybe Nate Harold

Best Experience/Trip on A Cycle?

I recently went down to Baja, Mexico by myself for a few days. Just to experience it and see if it would be difficult to navigate with no experience. Unfortunately I didn’t get much time, but it was an awesome ride and I can’t wait to get back. This past summer I spend two weeks traveling from Florida back to LA on a kawasaki KLR 650. That was amazing, well most of it. From Dallas to LA we spent our afternoons finding swimming holes and exploring everything from the Petrified Forest to the Grand Canyon to Joshua Tree.

Jet lag tips?

Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you fight it, sometimes it wins. Sorry, I guess I can’t help.  

How many miles do you have? 

Just checked and i’m at 306k miles on Delta. I’m too lazy to check the others but that’s my main one since I had a Delta credit card since college. At one point I booked my old band’s Australian flights on that card, so that was a good way to earn 10k miles. 

What’s your favorite airline?

Jet Blue and Virgin seem to have newer planes, which helps having the entertainment. Otherwise I usually go with whomever is cheapest. 

Worst Experience/Trip on a Motorcycle?

Actually, the first few days of my cross country trip were pretty rough. It was from Naples Florida, up through New Orleans to Dallas. I did it in three days and it basically rained on and off each day. On day two my suspension got a bit soft because my mono shock had blown and was leaking oil, so day three was a total nightmare… bouncy suspension and 500+ miles of Texas rain. Oh, and one time I rented a scooter in Paris with plans to ride out to the Normandy beaches. I had an air bnb booked and everything was very cool exploring the Paris suburbs and Versailles and Rouen, until early evening when the scoot lost power. Turns out the transmission died and I was stuck at a gas station 2+ hours from Paris. And I speak no french. Luckily I had roadside assistance with the scooter rental, and everything worked out… though the scooter rental people were pretty bummed that I went so far. Oops.

Favorite lounge?

Hahaha, they rarely let me into those things. Occasionally on international flights it will be included. Anything with free food and wifi makes me happy. Not a picky guy.  

Some of Will’s experiences sound like something out of a Forrest Gump movie and I absolutely love that. Believe it or not bands like FUN. don’t happen over night. Will and the guys suffered in basements and vans for many years in previous bands (some truly great ones) before getting to the likes of business class flights, sold out shows and the occasional private jet. I think its a testament to WIll that given the chance, he’d prefer to play in someones basement over an arena, just as he prefers to keep the same old friends and mess around with the same old bikes and music gear.

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