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Make no bones about it, the world is a scary place these days. Every time we fly, walk, drive, whatever, we put a lot of faith in the security services and protections in place to keep us safe. One of the most basic protection services for citizens of any country is immigration control. I like the thought that everyone who enters the country has been vetted and background checked. Well, a plane full of people made it in with no checks whatsoever….

American Airlines flight 1671 from Cancun, party central Mexico, arrived after an uneventful flight, full of passengers dreading the inevitable long wait for baggage and a passport stamp. Only this flight was different. Someone who I fail to call anything short of a moron at JFK security opened the ropes and doors for a domestic arrival, allowing all, yes ALL, passengers to entirely bypass customs and immigration, proceeding directly out the door. No checks, no searches, no stamps.

SO what the hell do you do at this point? Only two days after ISIS threatened to attack New York in a descriptive video, we let a plane full of passengers walk through the door. Well apparently, much to my dismay, the answer is pick up the phone. The airline and TSA officials have been trying to track down the passengers, requesting that they return to JFK to complete screening, at which point they’ve surely remembered to take out any banned or prohibited items, drugs, and so forth. To this date, six passengers have yet to return for screening. Fair enough, many of them likely had onward connections or incorrect contact info! What a shambles.

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