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For fear of making a mockery of headlines and news, after posting about Qantas’ plans to fly Perth to London (and vice versa) direct beginning in 2017, only to be overshadowed two days later by Singapore Airline’s plans for an even longer, record setting Singapore to New York direct, I decided I’d stop writing about long flights for a bit. London to Perth would’ve been the longest flight in the world and Singapore to New York snatched the crown before it had even been donned. They just keep coming and they just keep getting crazier. This new route is no exception….

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, involves a plane so wide that it’s wings must fold up to taxi. I think the Boeing 777X, due out in 2020, looks very sharp. Qantas apparently does too. The airline is said to inefficiently ferry about 300 passengers per day onto New York after their direct service from Sydney to Los Angeles. Essentially, there is a huge market of people, who need to get from Australia to New York and New York to Australia, who presently have no choice but to sit in the land of movie stars, self tans and palm trees known as Los Angeles for hours waiting on a connection. The airline believes many would relish the opportunity to fly direct.

With the extended range the 777X would offer, the airline would be able to fly New York to Sydney DIRECT. What a whopper! If you are now pulling out navigational charts and stop watches, I can tell you that the flight would cover an estimated 8,657 nautical miles with an average flight time between nineteen and twenty hours. Holy hell! I hope they’re prepared to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

The good news here is that if you anticipate a need to fly on this behemoth of a flight, first, you’d be doing so on a plane with a passenger experience greater than even the worlds newest Dreamliner or A350 offer today. It’s not even out yet.The second bit of good news is that you have at least four years to accumulate the miles necessary to ensure you don’t fly it in coach. Can you even imagine?! 

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