For many of you, this might feel like that long lost championship victory. The pièce de résistance for international road warriors and savvy travelers is Global Entry, the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency program allowing for seamless, painless and incredibly fast entry into the United States. With just the touch of a passport and the snap of a quick photo, with Global Entry, gone are the days of endlessly long immigration lines, and to the joy of UK citizens, so too are the days they were ineligible to join

Starting December 3rd, as a result of the inclusion of US frequent travelers in the UK’s Registered Traveller scheme, as I hinted on in April, Global Entry enrollment will officially be available to UK citizens. Sorry, that’s just a very long winded way of saying “Hell yes, UK citizens can enroll in Global Entry”! On December 3rd, you’ll be able to begin the application process on the Home Office Website by paying a £42 application fee. Once vetted through UK interests, you’ll receive a unique token ID valid for application into the actual Global Entry enrollment system known as “GOES”. As a matter of note, that application will run you an extra $100, though many credit cards refund the fee. Upon pre approval you will be eligible to schedule an interview in the states to finalize your enrollment. Assuming you are not a secret assassin, the interview process is fairly straight forward. Once approved and enrolled you’ll bypass the cues at immigration, place your passport down in the kiosks, no form needed, answer the touch screen questions, snap a picture and be on your way. As a matter of reference, it’s never taken me longer than five minutes to get through the entire immigration process. Official Registration LINK.

This is resoundingly welcome, and let’s be honest, truly excitingly brilliant news for those who’ve faced the seemingly unsurmountable US immigration lines, only to become further frustrated waiting in line again after collecting bags. Don’t worry, you can skip that line too. It’s safe to say that given the opportunity everyone likes the opportunity to skip a line or two. Especially those looping an entire airport terminal… Enjoy!

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