Death and taxes, the only two inevitabilities in life. On a more positive note, during said life, you may be able to explore the great reaches and destinations of the world in style, just using miles. One thing that shouldn’t be an inevitability in life or miles is surcharges, the very dodgy fees added onto using your miles, which take the term “free ticket” to new lows. Fortunately, there are fantastic new opportunities to use your British Airways Avios without surcharge, with great wide open availability. 

At some point down your road of earning and using miles, you’ll learn that schedule changes and new routes can be your very best friend. In this instance, British Airways partner, who you can use your Avios to fly, Airberlin have announced new routes to San Francisco, Boston and Dallas. Starting in May, you can use your British Airways Avios to book award tickets online for travel on Airberlins flat bed business class or economy from Dusseldorf without the dreaded British Airways surcharges. For those that are curious, Airberlin offers a business class seat which is at a minimum equal to British Airways Club World. Savings? Yeah hundreds. To book these flights require less than $100 (yes, US) in taxes round trip in business class. Sure, you’ll have to get to Dusseldorf, but with budget carriers or the ability to use Avios at as low as 4,500 one way to get there, it makes only one connection to put you on a flight saving you nearly £800 versus flying British Airways or leaving directly from the UK. On top of savings, I’m sure you know that it is also almost virtually impossible to find flights to San Francisco up front using Avios at the moment. This is a huge deal. With British Airways new chart you will pay 90,000 Avios one way for San Francisco, yet a far more palatable 60,000 for Boston. If you have an existing booking, made prior to the April 28th changes, I’m quite certain that you can change to one of these flights for the taxes savings and greater availability up front. 

So yeah, this is great news. Locking in Europe to West Coast USA using miles is never easy and now there are more options. Wherever you’re going, they’re cheaper. If you are looking to hit California, Boston, Dallas or New York from May on, look into snagging some award seats sooner than later. They’re currently wide open.

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