What fun is life without a little risk here and there? Half the time paying out is just as fun as winning. Unless of course you are New Zealand and Australia and have eternal hatred for your respective nations Rugby teams. In perhaps the most fun and best use of Twitter by a corporation, the airlines decided to wager their pride, airplanes and crew on the Rugby World Cup finals… 

In the first ever acceptable use of a hashtag, Qantas and Air New Zealand put it all on the line with the #airlinewager. Assuming you know the results of the Rugby World Cup, you’ll know that New Zealand were victorious and sent this hilarious tweet with a reimagining of the Qantas livery, all blacks style. Because losing is bad enough and spending a fortune to paint a plane because of a bet probably wouldn’t look good on a corporate annual report, Qantas compromised by sending one of its crews out to face the public on a long haul flight wearing New Zealand All Blacks jerseys. 

It’s good to laugh and I can’t begin to imagine the amount of ridicule and laughter this Qantas crew experienced. Congratulations to both airlines for making the news for something other than screwing passengers or making their miles decrease in value. On another note, the black and red is pretty darn sharp. Maybe reconsider?

HT: ViewFromTheWing/TVNZ

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