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Here’s something I find funny when traveling. Some cities don’t even have an airport while others are so bustlingly large they have quite a few. There’s no question that the London metropolitan area is absolutely massive and many who rely on the city for transportation come from places near and far, north, south, east and west. Starting May 1st, British Airways will add a once daily service from London Gatwick to New York to offer yet another option to their already twelve deep daily flights to New York.  

Gatwick To New York JFK

Why? Bragging rights for offering direct service to New York from all three major London airports helps. Strategically competing against Norwegian helps more. Offering connectivity for the many intra Europe flights which arrive Gatwick is another great tick box and finally, giving coverage to London and those further South who find Heathrow a pain makes pretty great sense. The airline now officially becomes the only London carrier to offer direct New York service from all three major airports Heathrow, City and Gatwick. Starting May 1st the route will launch featuring a leisure configured Boeing 777-200 without a first class. Yep, you can use miles on it, you can book it, you can touch it, you can do all the normal things you might want to do. Interesting move, perhaps one that will help the airline gain an edge in the priceless war over the transatlantic market. 

British Airways Pre Order Meals

Keep your pants on, it’s not the Singapore, Emirates, Qatar Or Etihad “book the cook” or a la carte menus offering just about anything you’d like to eat that exists on earth in the sky, but it’s a great step forward. I know it’s not brand new, but it’s been a while since I’ve flown British Airways and it’s new to me. On the most basic level, being able to pre order a meal, which you can now do in First, Club World or World Traveller Plus from 30 days out up to 24 hours in advance of your flight creates excitement before you even hit the airport. When I check my trusty British Airways app and see that I’m 30 days from departure I will relish in the opportunity to decide what relish I would like. The main win here is that in general, on most aircraft, the best seats are in the rear of the Club cabin where you actually get direct aisle access. Sadly with those seats you are often last to be served. This is a smart, easy move by British Airways to streamline their service and ensure satisfaction without food going to waste. Nice one.


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