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Uber is a revolutionary company which is attempting to bring logic and technology to the taxi world for better or worse. The company has a few varying levels of service ranging from UberX which is comparable but cheaper than a standard yellow taxi to UberBlack which is a luxury car service which operates just above standard taxi fares and can be an excellent value. 

Uber has an outstanding referral program and there are ways to really maximize your benefit. The program is very simple: refer a friend and they receive their first ride free up to $20 for signing up.  When they sign up and take their first ride free, you get a free ride up to $20 for referring them. Need a free ride referral? Use Mine! (click bold text) Referring friends every now and again is great and will get you free rides but you can take things a step further by working in tandem with your friends on a trip or vacation. 

On a recent visit, my wife’s sister Sarah joined us for 2 action packed days in New York City. We were staying in Midtown East and were eating downtown as well as seeing Fleetwood Mac at Madison Square Garden so we knew taxi’s could get expensive. Over the course of the two days we took five free rides! I highly recommend this group effort! Essentially: I had a free ride, used it, sent my wife a link with a free ride for signing up, she used hers, I got one for referring her, I sent a free ride to her sister for signing up, and got yet another free ride for referring her!

Uber saved us at least $100 in taxi fare and offered a superior product to a standard taxi. We used the “fare estimator” tool in the app to make sure we were getting as close to the $20 maximum per free ride. If your distance is short, look into using the UberBlack service to get as close to the $20 max as you can. The more friends in more places you have the easier this is to use. We referred family on a trip to San Francisco and managed another three free rides which really helped the bottom line. 

If its date night, even if your date sucks you can bag a free ride by getting your date to sign up and then use the free ride you earn on the next date! hah! 

This is such an easy way to bop around any city that has Uber service that you cannot pass it up. I was blown away in South Africa at the conversion rate for Uber rides, which allowed us to move about the city for less than three dollars for about a fifteen minute ride.The incredible thing is there is no commitment to use the app or service after your free ride. When you are dealing with a company that has an 18 Billion dollar valuation, I certainly don’t feel bad about taking my freebies and running. There is no service fee or monthly subscription. Simply take your free ride, share it with others to receive more of them and go for free as long as you can. Cheers to that! 

Click here for a free ride!

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