For many people miles are precious. You work so hard to accumulate a decent stack, find it even harder to make a great use of them and when it comes time to booking you want to be absolutely sure you’ve gotten the best value. Discounting the number of miles needed to book a ticket is a great step in creating value; but is it value? Well that depends on what you believe you should pay for a ticket using cash. 

Sure enough, British Airways is offering a 40% discount on the number of miles you need to book economy flights from London to a variety of international destinations. Hooray, a British Airways benefit for people who are actually from the United Kingdom! The sale features a wide range of destinations and is available to anyone searching for bookings made by November 2nd and for travel before March 20th. The problem is that cities like New York and many more tag on roughly £317 of taxes and “fuel surcharges”, whatever those are. My in laws just recently booked tickets to New York from London for £360 per person using no miles and will instead earn miles for their flights. I’ve even see better deals! In fact, you could book tickets from Paris to New York round trip today for €387 (£283) on British Airways itself.  But prices aren’t always that good. As I said, it depends what you think you should pay. If your dates are coming up with high prices without using miles, miles can be a great way to save. 

What should I do? Well look to see if your destination is on the list. If it is, do a search without using Avios to see if you get a price in the £300-500 range. If you do, it might not be worth wasting the miles. They can be extremely valuable in other ways without taxes. If your ideal flights are expensive and you don’t have enough miles to book a higher cabin, which helps to justify the fees (I don’t mind paying £317 in fees for first class), perhaps lock in the value while it’s there. Remember, you have until November 2nd. Hope this is helpful to some holiday hunters!

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