You know that part in Forrest Gump where Bubba lists off all the meals you can create with Shrimp? I feel that way about flight delays. We got mechanic delays, weather delays, crew delays, ground delays. You get it. Anyway, yesterday a delay occurred for a reason entirely new to me. Bees. Seriously. 

Usually when you see men in head covering space like suits at an airport you have a serious problem. This was not one of those cases. American Airlines Flight 70 from Dallas to Frankfurt was just about all set to go. Cabin crew, check. Pilots, check. Catering, check. Cargo and bags? Well some bees said no check. According to reports approximately 1000 bees swarmed the cargo door sending ground crews fleeing and cargo going nowhere fast. In what must have been the most surprising call of his life a beekeeper was called in to disperse the immersive swarm. I just love this story. You have thousands of tons of brooding metal, jet fuel and passengers ready to go and it all gets held up by bees, weighing less than one prize fighter. 

Just like the dog ate my homework, bees delayed my plane will now be the new “I call BS” excuse for future flights. If your plane does get attacked by bees, antelope, snakes or any other absolutely ridiculous reason, be sure to share. I’ll make sure your boss knows it’s true.

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