In travel, times are a’changing and that is a wonderful thing. There are flash sales, deal sites, blogs, frequent flyer miles and all sorts of resources acting as a catalyst to incredible trips. With these exciting and spontaneous opportunities comes increased need for one way flights. The only problem is that ALMOST no one seems to allow paid (not using miles) one way international travel at a fair price. If a round trip is $800 why is a one way $1200? One for the price of three? No thanks. 

Enter Norwegian Airlines. I’ve been very intrigued by Norwegians low cost approach offering fares so appealing I forget that I like business class. You may very well know that my wife is from London and getting home for Christmas is the most important thing in her world. This year we found some great deals leaving London but that left one problem…. getting there. I figured as an expert using miles would be easy and cheap but to my own dismay I was wrong. There was no availability using miles! Other than Norwegian there was simply no one way answer paying cash that was pricing out less than or equal to a round trip. Look this isn’t news to me, I’m a professional but the concept of one way ticketing is the way forward. Sometimes we want to use miles one way, sometimes we don’t imminently need to return. No one but Norwegian and WOW air have entered the one way game for long haul flights and it drives me crazy. I want to see a major airline allow one way international flights. 

The takeaway? I am excited to provide readers with my no bulls*t style review of an intriguing alternative to standard international air travel. Will it be great? Who knows. It will however be on a Dreamliner, it will be cheap and I will take pride in giving an insight into what could be a great budget travel tool. I love using miles one way in a top tier cabin for a flat bed and I never mind flying economy if I know I have something like that waiting. Dear major airlines, won’t you join these guys and offer your “superior” legacy products at a fair price?!

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