Going down? Probably not a great way to start off a flying post but hey, these are the lowest prices I’ve ever seen to a very southern point of the earth. Santiago, Chile is a city bustling with beauty, culinary delight and natural resources. Don’t forget that from November to February during the deal, its summer there. They also make wine. They are also very close to Argentina who also make wine, and red meat. Like I said, these are the best prices I’ve ever seen for economy and considering most economy flights usually go for $1000, spending $1700 for round trip flat beds and amenities could be tempting for some on a 10+ hour flight! Enjoy.

The Deal

It’s simple and it’s bookable directly on Delta.com. Simply enter NYC and SCL for the to and from. Like the smart consumer you are, if you decide to shop around you will see that the next best priced economy ticket is fetching $1000 and competing business class tickets are in the $3000-7000 range. 


November 2015-February 2016. Of course there is limited availability so you’ll need to search around for dates. Last I saw there were plenty of options at these prices in each month. I highly suggest using Delta’s “Calendar View” tool to see things with ease. 

Do I Need A Visa?

Stays LESS than 90 days do not require a visa for US and UK citizens. Hooray!

Deals like this blow my mind when I search from New York to Washington DC and find higher prices! If you’ve envisioned South America and want to tick it off the bucket list, I can’t think of a better way to do so than for less than $400 in economy or less than $2000 in flat bed business.

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