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In points and miles most talk is centered around the notion to dream big. Dream of using hundreds of thousands of miles to fly in luxurious suites to far off destinations where the beaches are softer than your couch and the water is as clear as whats in your bottle. It’s a wonderful dream. Sometimes with all the dreaming you forget about the little perks and joys of miles. It’s not ALL about the big stuff. Sometimes just a few miles can go a long way and make your day…

Today my points and miles success story was forgetting that I had a few Delta miles laying around and turning them into a much improved flying experience. You see, I had to book a one way flight within the United States for Laura and I and in the process I discovered that we each had around 13,000 Delta miles laying around. Change, from previous “dream big” flights to Rio and England. Earlier this week I discussed fare codes and classes and how they are far more complicated than just coach, business and first. Within Delta, there are quite a few economy fare codes. If you want to upgrade a flight using miles, the lowest acceptable upgrade class is K, a middle of the range fare. Not the lowest, but sometimes not that unreasonable or different than the lowest. On this day, one way fares in K were pricing at less than $100 more than L,U,T,X, the lowest fare classes which CANNOT be upgraded. 

All the sudden the lightbulb went off. I called Delta and said I’d like to book a K ticket for X day and I’d like to immediately upgrade to Delta ONE using miles. What’cha got?! Happily the excellent Delta rep said that they had two flights on my chosen day with upgrade space for two people, requiring 12,500 miles per person, with no extra fare or fees for upgrading. I immediately snagged the two K fare tickets on my desired flight time and the upgrade was processed using miles before I hung up the phone. You see, this was no insane around the world in suites victory but this was still a major victory. I traded economy for flat beds and top notch meal service from a celebrated chef on a flight long enough to warrant it, all for less than $100 extra per person and 12,500 miles. It’s a welcome change and for such few miles it made me feel great value and appreciation for the faltering Skymiles currency. It’s not what it used to be, but it had it’s perks today. Thanks Delta!

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