“Everyone loves walking through a door marked private”. I certainly can’t disagree. While most things in frequent flyer world are attainable with a medium level of flying, certain elements are restricted to only the créme de la créme, as it should be. No flyer like their favorite airline getting outworked and though it’s been a few years of getting “outworked” on lounges, British Airways is making significant investment in adding glitz and “VIP” amenities to key airports, only for their best. 

Johnnie Walker Blue? Perrier Brut? Glenlivet 18 Year Old? British Airways is opening Concorde Bars in airports Singapore Changi and Dubai and investing in more than just space. I am extremely impressed that the airline seems to have listened to feedback from top tier (and top paying) customers on these important Asian and Gulf routes and are planning to offer the same level of service and quality found at their flagship London Heathrow lounges, abroad. The two additions will round out four total “Concorde” experiences including Heathrow and New York JFK and will feature intimate spaces with less than a quarter of the capacity of the main lounge spaces. I can’t think of anything more tranquil than a Johnnie Walker Blue in a nearly empty well appointed lounge, marked private of course. 

Kudos to British Airways. It’s a competitive world and they’ve been losing the battle of lounges in a fashion similar to the English Rugby and Football teams. No one likes to be out early. Sorry UK Readers. With this investment in product abroad, flyers will find a sense of incentive to reach “Concorde Card” status and perhaps splash out on a First ticket or mileage reward knowing that their experience will consistently top notch. As Gulf carriers offer unmatchable experiences in the air, you must find other ways to innovate. This is a great start. Will you be visiting any of these lounges? Let us know!

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