We all have things that we love and there are certain things I wouldn’t be as happy without doing at least once a month. Unfortunately for Germany, Lufthansa and anyone planning to take a flight tomorrow, Lufthansa pilots are planning to do the thing they love doing just about once a month tomorrow, Tuesday, and that is to go on strike.

Hopefully I am not quicker than the airline themselves. If you have any long haul flights scheduled for tomorrow involving travel to or from Germany, particularly on an A380, 747, A330 or A340 your flight is without a doubt cancelled. The strike, the 14th by Lufthansa pilots since 2014 (what?!) will cost the airline an estimate $300 million dollars with no certain end date. For those keeping score the issues seem to be steady. Lufthansa piots do not want the early retirement age raised and they want better wages for the off brand Lufthansa products like Germanwings. Personally, I have nothing but questions. What was accomplished in the first of the fourteen strikes? What’s been accomplished in each strike since? Maybe just one really good one would have been better.

I am shocked and fascinated by this continuing story. I believe in fair treatment and encouraging work conditions but to the best of my knowledge Lufthansa pilots already have both, especially those on the long haul fleets. In the United States it’s an illegal and arrestable offence for air traffic controllers to strike. The notion of spending time in jail seems to be a pretty good deterrent. If you’re a Lufthansa pilot i’d love to hear the other side but for now get back to work!