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No movies have ever captured holiday travel quite like Home Alone or Love Actually. There’s the joy of seeing long lost loved ones, carrying presents across borders and saying the simple phrase “happy holidays” to all who pass by that make flying during the season a magical time. I also never miss the opportunity to see Santa Claus flying near the North Pole. Tis’ nearly the season to be flying and it’s certainly the time to be buying.

The Basics:

Wherever you are going you should hop on the ITA Matrix and start pricing things out. Using the “see calendar of lowest fares” feature in conjunction with a semi flexible date range (I search up to 5 days so 5-10 or 10-15 etc) will yield the best results and allow you to see a month of fares with days of variation. Once you’ve found your ideal “deal” head over to the airline site first to see if it’s bookable directly. If you have trouble making it price out acceptably on the airline site, try an online travel agency like Orbitz, Expedia, etc. Some of these deals are worth “positioning” for. What is positioning? It’s the reason to collect points and miles! Many places on here might not be your home but aren’t far from home and using a few extraneous frequent flier miles to get there can help you lock in the deal! 

The Economy Deals:

New York to Milan Round Trip $499: There is an all out war going on between Delta/Alitalia and Emirates with Emirates offering flights for $499 round trip and Delta/Alitalia offering them for a mere $503. Why not just match?! Anyway, if Italy is on the bucket list this is as good of a sale as you will ever find, especially for Emirates, as good as coach can get.

Jersey (UK) to New York Round Trip £210: A flight from Springsteen’s Jersey to New York for £210 would not be a deal worth mentioning, but for flights from the UK Jersey it’s a pretty stellar price. Here’s a hint, you stop in London on the way to the states so you could theoretically stop off there on the way home (and not continue to Jersey) provided you have no bags. Quite the price with that trick…..

Berlin to Chicago Round Trip €287: From bridges and canals to….bridges and lakes. Chicago is an amazing city, certainly one of the best in the states and this is an incredible price on reputable airlines Air France and KLM ensuring a solid experience. If you’re adventurous, catch my favorite professional sport ice hockey with the defending champions, Chicago Blackhawks. 

Miami to Paris Round Trip $479: Goodbye beaches, hello baguettes. If you’re looking to escape for a slightly more refined culture and even more disco music, head to France this October in an amazing sale. You won’t be flying on anything nearly as nice as Emirates, Alitalia or Delta but you’ll get there…

London to New York (Vice Versa) Round Trip $684/£430: If you travelled this summer you’re seeing a number of about roughly half what you paid. These annual deals have finally been filed, are ready for booking and if you want to save on holiday/new year air fare I suggest buying at this rate. It doesn’t get lower and it does get much, much higher.

The Business Deals:

Paris to New York Round Trip €1098: Upstart La Compagnie, which my in laws had a lovely experience flying is offering a very tempting sale from Paris to New York round trip. The seats lie almost flat, offer lounge access on both ends, an additional baggage allowance and a very elevated travel experience. It’s not one of the best business class’, but it’s business class and it’s a privilege every time. 

New York to London Round Trip $1797: This was my first Flyertalk post and the assholes at “The Points Guy” stole it and took credit (though time stamps show I found it first). British Airways, Delta and Virgin have all matched prices at $2400 round trip in business for the holidays. What people forget is that using an AARP membership (available to everyone for $16) you get $400 off any British Airways business class flight from the US and using a Visa Signature card and entering “CardOFFERU” at check out knocks an additional ten percent off making a grand total of $1797. With the sales going on for economy you are paying double, but good god, it’s a vast difference flying Club World or Virgin Upper Class compared to your usual economy.

Oslo to Houston Round Trip €990: This is undoubtedly the best price to experience nice business class products going around. Houston is a great city with easy access to many great west coast cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. You’ll be able to take your pick between British Airways, American, KLM or Air France the whole way. Decisions, decisions. 

New York to Milan Round Trip $1900: Emirates A380 flat bed business, glitz and glam for under $2000 round trip to an amazing European city? Saweeeet. This is an amazing sale to experience Italy and best of all Delta and Alitalia are matching so if the over the top luxury is less your thing and Alitalia’s Magnifica is just your speed you have choices. 

Sometimes you must experience bad to appreciate good. I stubbornly saw many of these fares “fly by” last year and ended up paying considerably more. If you have set plans, have cash in hand and are excited about travel for the October-March range, lock some of these deals in while they are here. Some of these long international flights are less than an expensive night out. You’ll feel better from the travel if you go out the way I do…

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