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It’s amazing that when typing at full speed the difference in “fast fingers” and “fat fingers” is one letter and one swift key stroke. Of course as a diligent writer I go back and edit everything to make sure that I am regularly talking about flights and not fights. Speaking of things that may make you want to fight someone, British Airways, American and Iberia managed to file some airfares yesterday and forgot to add a zero or two and they are now gone….almost. Yes, you can still snag some. Keep reading idiot!

Up until about 4AM this morning you could secure round trip Business Class tickets to destinations such as New York, San Francisco, Miami and St Lucia originating in Oslo with the main flight departing to and from London for between £300-500 and there were even some fares in First for less than £700 round trip. There are some deals STILL ACTIVE and you can reach some incredible destinations in club for less than £800 return. To add insult to injury, my information is that the even cheaper fares will be honored. Lucky bastards! You can re live the play by play here. There are fare wars which we’ve discussedhub wars which we’ve also discussed but these were clear cut FAT fingers fares. Though the party for the mistake fares, which the ones still active are not, is over, today is a day to watch your inboxes and your premium fare/airline forums. Often when a fat finger is filed, there are other cities or other dates which someone finds shortly thereafter affected by the fat fingers. Thereafter could be today. I very kindly received a message about the deal from a great reader Euan when the deal seemed dead, little did I know if I used his tips and did my own searching I could’ve snagged enough flights for a year all in Club World or First for less than the cost of two economy returns. Tragedy. Tragedy. 

Let this serve as a refresher course on premium cabin fare hunting. Always search ITA and other ticketing services from your truly desired city plus any cities where fare wars have been occurring, I’ve detailed many here. My thoughts on departing from a place like Norway versus your home, wherever that may be are simple. If you can get there using miles one way or return it’s a minor hassle for huge savings. If you can couple that with hand luggage and create an excuse for why your plans change, you can just hop off in London or wherever home is on the return leg. It’s not a perfect science, there are minor risks but it can mean only one way of inconvenience versus two. Changing virtual location and or currency can also be a huge win, which I detail here. Finally I live and swear by the Premium Fare Deals forum on FlyerTalk as well as the frequent flier threads of individual airlines on FlyerTalk. There are quite a few genius fare hunters on there kind enough to share them before the clock strikes zero hour. Stay focused, leave a browser window with the Premium fare forum on your phone and occasionally while having a sip of coffee give it a look. It could be the difference in not traveling at all and traveling up front for less than everyone else paid for a knee basher. 

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