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Dreams are good. I have lots of dreams. All the greatest moments in the world began with passionate dreams. If you’re like me, one thing you’ve been sadly surprised about has been the lack of progress in high speed travel. As a child I relished the idea that the Concorde was simply a precursor to a magical time ahead when the world was small not just by mutual friends but travel time. New York to London in one hour? That’s a dream for all of mankind to share and hey, it’s a step up from Airbus’ last dream of cramming more economy seats across the A380….

Airbus have successfully filed a patent for a rocket ship looking “ultra rapid air vehicle” with the ability to reach four and a half times the speed of sound. Boom! To curb your enthusiasm; patents and products are far apart in the airline world but I for one, am very excited and believe such a thing could have a place in the market. The death star, I mean aircraft, would feature three unique types of propulsion used in different stages including jet engines for take off, rockets for climb out and “ramjets” for mach speed during flight. Fascinatingly all of the above would theoretically be fueled by hyrdrogen stored in the aircraft. If you’re wondering how things from boarding to take off might go you’re in luck. From a somewhat standard take off the aircraft would propel almost vertically via the rockets to a staggering 100,000 foot cruising altitude before reaching it’s super, hyper, whatever sonic speeds using the “ramjets”, whatever those are. Talk about a window with a view! Earth!

The good news is that Airbus cared enough to patent the idea and associated technology. Furthermore even if this behemoth never takes the skies, many of the ideas associated with it could make their way onto a more typical production jet. If you’ve been lucky enough to fly the Dreamliner or the Airbus A350 I would think you’ve seen a noticeable difference. The idea of aircraft in the pipeline leaving a greener foot print, a better passenger product and of course most important, super speed leaves the aviation geek in me highly excited. We all can dream…

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