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War. What is it good for? When it comes to airlines, absolutely everything. No one likes selling something for less than they should but if it means surviving or winning a battle you better bet they will do it. Fare wars are the travelers best friend. As the airlines duke it out for territory, undercutting each other at every turn, we sit back and enjoy the show and of course, insanely cheap flights. In this post i’ll make light of quite a few great deals and will also take a moment to highlight some cities which are offering consistent bargains as well as insights to why. Though some people think anything short of a direct flight is madness it can certainly lead to opportunity and savings. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these cities all the better. 

Insane Deal That Will Disappear Today:

Around the World for £404 From Shannon, Amsterdam or Madrid: Get to any of these great citiesand fly to Asian or African cities including Bangkok, Singapore and more before moving on to Madrid and then onto a nice vacation in NEW YORK before returning to London. Around the world for £404! Are you kidding?!

Fare War Cities With Great Current Fares


East Coast hubs are essential to U.S. airlines such as Delta and American. Dissing foreign carriers, accusing them of depending on government subsidies (pot calling kettle black) certainly didn’t help to maintain the status quo. Gulf and Asian carriers are making their presence known in these areas and Delta and American are of course also fighting amongst themselves. Bottom line: there are consistently great deals economy and business deals to Europe from this essential East coast hub. It could be worth a short drive, flight or train ride if the savings are right. 

Current/Recent Deals: 

Philadelphia to Los Angeles Economy Round Trip: $149.

Philadelphia to Madrid/Amsterdam/Dublin Business Class Round Trip: $1600-2000. 

Philadelphia to Belize Economy Round Trip: $275


Do you have any friends that sound like a broken record? The city is different but the story is the same. Foreign carriers are attacking essential European hub Dublin forcing fares down from great airlines. Sure a Londoner would prefer to take the tube to Heathrow rather than fly to Dublin but when you can snag economy or business for a fraction of the price it’s tough to beat. One of the best deals of the year was a business class fare from Dublin to Los Angeles and New York where you would fly back through London (allowing you to hop off on return) for less than £1000 round trip for Virgin Upper Class or British Airways Club World. 

Current/Recent Deals: 

Dublin To New York City Economy Round Trip: €456 

Dublin to Syndey Round Trup Business Class: £1500

Dublin To New York City Virgin Upper Class Round Trip: £1000 (Expired)

Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen

Like a Grammy winner we have a lot of people to thank here. Thank a strong currency, increased competition from Turkish Airlines, Swiss Air, Cathay Pacific, Norwegian, Emirates, and Qatar and thank Thai food. For some reason there have been incredible deals (many still current) for travel to Asia from these Scandinavian hubs. It wasn’t long ago that you could fly round trip business class for less than £700 or €1000 to Bangkok with stopovers in Singapore, Doha or Istanbul. That’s a lot of travel for your buck. Budget, business, they’ve got it all. 

Current/Recent Deals:

Oslo to New York, Chicago to London Economy Round Trip: 182

Stockholm To Melbourne Business Class Round Trip: £1850

Copenhagen to New Yor, San Francisco to Stavenger Economy Round Trip: 261


Maybe the legal marijuana has the fare coders feeling generous. In actuality the friendly Dutch are fending off a major offensive by Qatar Airways. In Qatar’s corner they are launching dirt cheap fares to undercut the competition and naturally KLM and SkyTeam are being forced to match. We win! There have been and continue to be incredible deals to Sydney, Bangkok and of course Qatar in all cabins.

Amsterdam to Bangkok Round Trip Business Class: €1385

Amsterdam to Rio De Janeiro Business Class Round Trip: €1814

Amsterdam To Africa/Asia and New York Back to London Economy Round Trip: £404

Los Angeles/Seattle

AIrlines are taking it to the streets West coast gang style. Tupac would be proud. American, Delta and Alaska Airlines are battling it out in these great cities to win the cross country, South American and Asian market, much to our delight. If you’re looking to go across the country or across an ocean you are seriously in luck. Glitz in LA or mother earth goodness in Seattle, you can’t go wrong.

Current/Recent Deals:

Los Angeles To Boston Economy Round Trip: $145

Los Angeles To Miami and Panama City, Panama Business Class Round Trip: $723

Seattle to Brasilia, Brasil Business Class Round Trip: $1663

Well, that was exhausting. On my end at least. Hopefully you have some inspiration (and some change lying around) to take one of these awesome trips. Travel at minimal expense is wonderful. Elevated travel at minimal expense is bliss. Don’t thank me. Seriously, thank the folks that grind to find these deals for all of us. They are saints! Enjoy everyone!

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