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These days we are getting quite a mixed bag from the airlines. If you look at earning and using miles, we’re mostly getting lemons. If you look at amazing deals across all cabins we’re getting black truffles and filet mignon. Deals are rampant bringing economy air travel at bus prices and business class travel at economy prices. Whatever your pleasure, it’s worth a look. Everyday.

Economy Deals (All Round Trip):

New York to Rome $557: Ciao New York winter, hello Rome. From January to February of 2016 you can fly round trip on a Dreamliner for only $557. This is a great opportunity for New Yorkers to see Italy for the same price you might pay for Washington D.C. They’re different, trust me.

Amsterdam To Dubai €156: It doesn’t take a fortune for Euros or those on a Euro trip to see the glitz and glam of Dubai. In fact €156 will get you there round trip from Amsterdam for any travel between October and December. Tennis on top of a skyscraper anyone?

Los Angeles To New York + Vice Versa $291: Settle the East Coast/West Coast beef by seeing both and deciding for yourself. Check out Hollywood and the beaches surrounding LA before hitting the city which needs no introduction, New York anytime from August to December. 

Madrid To Tokyo, Return To Milan (Open Jaw) €340: Reaching the gems of Asia generally requires the crown jewels. This is an exceptional price to reach Asia and could be a great way to use some miles for a positioning flight to Madrid for your departure. Once in Asia finding cheap regional flights is a breeze allowing you to get in more gems for less jewels with dates wide open from October 2015 to March of next year. 

Business Class Deals (All Round Trip)

Germany to Hong Kong €1403: This route seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve had countless readers take advantage of these sub economy prices to fly in major style on the eleven hour flight each way. Forget seats, these are beds complete with champagne and fine dining. Hong Kong is a majestic city and this is a steal. Act fast, you need to book before July 18th for travel this summer. For any flight and far east Asia fans, you are allowed two stopovers in each direction so you could theoretically hop in and out of a few neat countries! Enjoy!

Chicago/Los Angeles/Miami To Buenos Aires $1325: I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, few things make a ten plus hour flight better than a flat bed and there are few environments better than that found on the new Dreamliner offering better air, less cabin pressure and bigger windows. Take a ten hour nap and wake up to wine, gauchos and red meat. Dates into next year, act fast! 

This isn’t a sales pitch, this is an opportunity. If one of these deals is just what you are looking for; take advantage now or forever wish you were somewhere else. There is a growing sub culture of people seeking these deals and these fares rarely last more than a day let alone a week. Elevate your travel at minimal expense or simply travel at minimal expense, either way you’ll have stories!

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