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You don’t have to be a supermodel or hotel heir to cause a ruckus on an airplane. In the United Kingdom, passenger incidents related to alcohol have skyrocketed 40% from 2014 to 2015 with similar positive (negative) trends worldwide. In tandem, punishments are on the rise. Travel is such a privilege. It’s exciting, it creates memories and alcohol is one of the small perks or reasonable expenses to add a little extra adventure. Don’t ruin the fun for the rest of us, you might end up duct taped to your seat with police waiting for you.

Why beat around the bush? I love to drink at the airport and on the plane. For those of us lucky enough to redeem miles for seats up front, we occasionally even get access to wine and champagne we wouldn’t ever buy on the ground! Whether it’s a public airport bar or a private room in a five star airport lounge it’s all fun, it’s all great and laughing is not a crime. Lighting cigarettes, abusing flight attendants, shouting, fighting, breaking bottles and attempting to open up cabin doors is just a short list of the sh*thead behavior that has occurred in recent months which is in fact…. a crime.

Do you remember being a kid in a group when one bad egg ruined the fun for all? The same trend is occurring with proposed legislation, regulation and enforcement for alcohol related incidents. The bad ruin it for all the rest of us. Many airlines are presently exploring a cap on drinks across all cabins, airports are considering breathalyzer systems for airport bars and all are hoping to impose large fines and lifetime bans on abusers. An interesting play which I think should be the first call to action is sharing of information on abusive passengers thus reducing opportunity for abusers to continue. Why wouldn’t British Airways tell Virgin Atlantic that there is a nightmare passenger on their system. They should and I hope they do. 

I have some very very very long flights coming up this year. What a shame it would be to find my wine glass removed after dinner for no reason just because some bums couldn’t handle their liquor. Enjoy your trips, enjoy your drinks and please, if you find yourself hallucinatingly drunk, please just disappear into your seat without incident.  I’ve always wanted to be a hero and I wouldn’t hesitate to tackle you if you don’t. We all just want to have fun.

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