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Forget water into wine, someone’s turned wine into cash. As a self proclaimed… ok forget modesty, a world proclaimed travel expert, I feel like I have a pretty good beat on hotels, airlines, major cities and food. When I read Bloomberg’s list of the priciest cities for hotel stays, I felt more like a world recognized idiot than expert. I would think that the city offering seven star hotels would naturally be one of the most expensive…. nope. San Francisco is the most expensive city to stay in across all hotel classes in the whole entire world. Just drink wine and forget you’re sleeping on the street?

As with any report there are inevitable quirks. Bloomberg’s report is based on the average price for peak travel periods across all stay classes from your seediest motel to your seven star Burj Al Arab. Maybe there’s just less one star hotels in San Francisco? Whatever the answer, according to the study San Francisco is the most expensive hotel city in the world by more than $100 dollars per night. I am currently pouring out all of my wine in hopes that its ether turns into cash or a gigantic mega hotel on the top of the beautiful Californian city. I’ll need it if I plan to return! Separated by a mere fifty dollars; Geneva, Milan, Dubai and Zurich bring in the rear of the top five. London and New York you ask? Not even in the top ten, coming in at eleven and sixteen respectively! Who knew?! 

While the list is very fun to look at, I am far more interested in the five star hotel prices. Who wants to fly all the way around the world to stay in a motel filled with flies? I like air conditioning, beds, little chocolates on my pillow at night and people who at least fake a smile. Interestingly, the composition of the most expensive list for five star hotels is strikingly different than that of the across the board list with New York, London, Geneva, Los Angeles and Miami all achieving honorable mentions in the top ten. 

Staying in hotels is fun. It’s been fascinating to see the ranges in treatment from hotel to hotel, including the occasional welcome champagne and chocolate cake. This blog is devoted to traveling better without earning more money. If you’re used to one star, maybe some points and miles can make it two. If you’re used to seven star hotels, what the hell are you doing reading this? Just keep counting your money….

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