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They say if you can convince everyone in the world to give you just a dollar per month, you’ll be a billionaire in no time. How about $1500? Though it takes something other than brains also beginning with a “b” to ask subscribers for over a thousand dollars per month, for unlimited flying on Delta, Virgin America, United or American, OneGo might just be onto something with their shiny new app. Unlimited flying… kind of.

Connecting Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue is big business and capping travel costs, without curbing enthusiasm is a revolutionary concept. Travel app OneGo aims to offer unlimited domestic United States travel at a rate of $1500 per month starting with the West Coast with planned expansion nationwide in the imminent future. For a business or individual on a constant travel schedule with occasional surges, the ability to lock in unlimited travel for $1500 is an intriguing proposition, especially on coveted, transcontinental routes which can fetch up to $1500 for a single round trip. When weekly flights turn into daily, there is no arguing that the subscriber stands to win. We all like a win. Here in lies the problem. The only people who sign up for an app which costs $1500 per month are people who know they are going to use more than $1500 per month worth of flights! When subscriber travel surges, app profits plunge. In that spirit, as you can imagine, the concept of “unlimited” comes with a few restrictions aimed to keep the company from meeting the Titanic before takeoff. Users must book travel seven days or more in advance and cannot have more than four open itineraries at any given moment. Of course if you wish to unshackle “unlimited”, the company will be happy to charge you an additional fee to remove the restrictions. Go figure.

Franky, I love the concept and I am very curious about future adaptations and similar ideas to follow. I’ll be very intrigued to see whether the company and it’s subscribers fly or if the immediate demand from heavy travelers maximizing their $1500 worth of travel value per month send the app and it’s investors into an unrecoverable tail spin. I sure would like unlimited business class flights between New York and London every month! What’s the rate?!

Many Thanks to reader Andy Mayo for sharing this unique story and concept!

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