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Sit down, shut up and do your job. While some Asian countries aim to create six day work weeks and more hours in the day for schooling, others in France and elsewhere in Europe aim not to work at all, at least not for anything short of a gold plated Rolls Royce. Not only is airspace above the European continent some of the busiest, most coveted and trafficked, it’s essential for routes that do not begin or end in Europe. Strikes are not acceptable, they disrupt millions, cost billions and the airlines want change. 

Dear French Air Traffic Controllers, German pilots and other grumbling bodies, shut up, sit down and get to work is the gist of talks between Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, KLM, Ryanair and other European carriers lobbying the European aviation authorities for change. The United States has been incredibly proactive in its approach to dissuading strikes by levying tremendous fines and even jail time to anyone who disrupts the essential function of air travel. In recent years, the lack of regulatory precedent regarding unions from pilots and baggage handlers to air traffic controllers across Europe have created chaos for some of the world’s most prolific carriers. This is an issue felt by everyone from the gold plated Rolls Royce driving airline CEO to the economy passenger simply hoping to visit their family. Strikes strand people, create chaos and cost fortunes to all. For once, I applaud the carriers in their goal of creating continuity and reliability in European air travel. Throw em’ in jail if they don’t want to work. Someone else will…

Though you can actually make schedule changes work for your benefit, no one likes travel disruptions. I am celebrating my wedding ceremony this summer in London, first connecting through Paris and if those French air traffic controllers dare impede the happiest day of my life, well…. baguettes have more uses than just eating. 

As Always, GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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