Okay okay, it’s £1091 but who’s counting. Thank me now, thank me later, either way book. There is an unbelievable fare complete with a great trick to fly from Heathrow to JFK in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class for roughly £1000. Virgin Upper Class is nice, like please don’t make me leave the plane nice. Considering I just searched for economy tickets and the cheapest available in the same date range were £800 this summer, this is a ridiculous chance to visit New York City in true rock star fashion. Perhaps the hardest part will be remembering to change out of your swim trunks from the jacuzzi experience at the Virgin Clubhouse…

This fare is from Dublin to JFK, with the short hauls between Dublin and London taking place on British Airways and the long haul from Heathrow to New York on Virgin Atlantic. To take advantage of this mega deal you’ll need to simply position yourself to Dublin by using a minuscule amount of miles or by booking a cheap discount one way to Dublin. On the return simply hop off at London (carry on only helps), that’s 100% safe and leaves you without worry. Yep, get the Dublin price but skip having to go there twice, though I hear it’s lovely. 

I just ran a search on the ITA Matrix and found great availability for the rest of June and July (presumably continuing on further) by inputting the flexible calendar, date range of 4-9 days, business class and DUB to NYC. The pricing comes out in Euros, which when converted becomes £1091. You can book this fare on any site like Orbitz, eDreams, Travelocity, Expedia and more. For an extra £200 you are entirely changing the way you travel, adding lounges, flat beds, five course dining on the plane and priority screening. It sure beats the toilet row in the back of coach and sitting at the gate for hours. Start and end your trip off right. 

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