The American Express app is superb. Not only is it the first place I receive push notifications about approving charges, it’s a place of savings which I think many people don’t even realize is there. Who wouldn’t like some targeted, location specific offers to save money for things they are likely to purchase? I just got $20 off any $20 purchase on Amazon, what’s not to like?

Best of all, this is very easy. Most of these offers involve simply “saving” the offer within the website or app, making a purchase and then American Express credits your account. No need for codes or remembering to mention anything at the time of purchase. 

This is just a really easy way to save money. Sometimes there are quite a few offers I “save” because more likely than not I will use them. I have seen great offers from Nike, Diesel, restaurants and even Emirates where you received $500 off of any purchase over a certain reasonable amount. Aside from the fee credits from the Gold and Platinum, these statement credits are a great way to offset some purchases while earning points. 

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