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When it’s travel day, all I want to do is be at the airport. I hate waiting and getting to the airport often seems to be a constantly perplexing task. When it comes to arrivals, I am not one to leave things to chance. I like to leave the airport the way a Formula One driver finishes a race and getting into the city (or beach) as quickly as humanly possible is the only thing on my mind. I simply refuse to land without pre arranged ground travel arrangements. With varying mass transit options everywhere you go, it’s nice to have trustworthy worldwide car services.

When a viable and affordable mass transit option is not available I almost always use GroundLink or Uber. For getting to the airport, each service is a sound option and depending on time and planning, Uber may save you a few bucks, especially if you use $20 off your first ride from me. You’re welcome. For arrivals I always like to have pre arranged ground transportation and therefore I rarely chance it with Uber. When I arrive at my destination I never want to entrust a random cab, risk a surge in demand or miss everything if my flight is delayed. For arrivals, I think GroundLink is second to none. Groundlink is an app which travels with you on your phone offering smart technology to save you money and provide high end service. The smart technology allows you to choose how long after your plane arrives at the gate you would like to be met, if you’d like to be met inside or out and offers an array of car options. If your flight is delayed, the app automatically notifies the driver and updates your pick up time so you are not charged for hefty waits or delays. Upon landing you receive timely push updates including your drivers picture, the make, model and license plate of their car as well as a direct contact number. 

I only recommend things I’ve had flawless experiences with. I rest much easier entrusting GroundLink and Uber’s network as well as my ability on the user end to track the vehicle, contact the driver and experience up front, reliable pricing. If your time in the boardroom or the beach is precious I highly recommend using either or both.

As Always, Get In Touch: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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