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Ever seen someone get whisked through the airport? You don’t have to be a celebrity to look and feel like one. Though we all can’t get air traffic control to give our planes landing priority (cough Paul McCartney), there are still some ridiculously cool and under appreciated options to make you feel like a rockstar on your next trip. Some of these things cost more than others, but all are available to anyone willing to pay….

Private Customs Screening:

It’s true, there are VIP airport experiences and then there are VVIP airport experiences. If you are tired of waiting in line for customs and spending hours upon arrival, this is for you. You can pay for a service which collects you from the plane, puts you into a private car, takes you to a private lounge and a customs agent will come to your lounge and screen you through customs while you sip champagne. Is that ridiculous or what?

Luggage Forwarding:  

Hate travelling with bags? Everyone does. You can have a luggage forwarding company come to your house, collect your luggage and it will be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. Of the rockstar amenities listed in this post, this is actually one of the cheaper ones and one that I may consider for my honeymoon. 

Airport Concierge:  

First class passengers skip most of the lines, but passengers who have booked the Airport Concierge skip ALL the lines. Airport concierge is a service designed to streamline and expedite your time in the airport. From the moment you arrive in your car, a concierge meets you and guides you through every step. Along the way you will skip every line, gain lounge access and arrive at the plane in a way envisioned for rockstars and heads of state. This service typically runs 250-300 dollars per person and is available through most of the world. Though not cheap, this service gains you lounge access (free food and drink) in the process!

Private Tarmac Transfer:  

Have a tight flight connection and don’t feel like running for your life through the airport? You can pre arrange for a representative to meet you at your arrival gate, take you down the stairs to the tarmac (where the planes are) and drive you to your next plane in a private car. Talk about a way to board! You may even get to give the airplane tires a nice kick check along the way…. (don’t quote me).

Valet Airport Parking:  

Airport parking is as fun as never. If you’d prefer to skip the long walk or the bus ride back to the terminal you can pre arrange for a valet to meet you curbside at the terminal. They will proceed to park your car in a safe and secluded area and have it ready for you upon return. Not a bad way to travel!

(BONUS) $99 Helicopter Ride to the Airport (NYC)

Gotham Air, which officially launches this week, is offering airport rides from all of New York City’s main heliports to John F Kennedy and Newark Liberty. For first time riders the introductory offer is only $99 per person. When you consider that a car service costs roughly $100 dollars and you can spend hours in traffic, $200 for a 6 minute helicopter ride with food and drinks by Thomas Keller sounds pretty damn good….

Which of these crazy experiences would you want to splurge for? As we strive to save you money, if you are considering booking any of these, using your Mastercard will save you 15% off. Getting a free quote can’t hurt right? I personally think that at the right price, a few of these amenities, like luggage forwarding or tarmac transfer could be a game changer. Who wouldn’t want to ride around in a car with the big planes or breeze through the airport like Paul McCartney? 

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