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And so did we. When something so good it doesn’t sound real comes around, contrary to every intuition you have, you should just book it. After all, we forget that we have 24 hours to cancel any ticket (outside of 7 days from departure) risk free if we change our mind. Yesterday British Airways attempted to match upstart all business class airline La Compagnie by offering fares for $1,491 per person, with a work around which everyone could take advantage of, those already shocking fares became a jaw dropping $982. 

Yesterday two people could travel in business class from New York to Paris either direct or with a stopover in London for $1,964 all in. A single traveller (there was an additional discount for two) could still grab a ticket $1,167. Competition is wonderful because we the consumers benefit. Alliances will occasionally duke it out, but when airlines like La Compagnie or Norwegian enter the game and bring a unilateral war to the game, the big guys are often forced to respond.

Yesterday’s offer involved a work around which saved $400 per person which no one would think of. If you fly British Airways, you should be a member of AARP. The AARP, which was formerly the American Association for Retired Persons, is in fact open to all retired or not, old or not. If purchasing a business class ticket, AARP members save up to $400 on British Airways. When you took $400 the $1,491 you entered amazing territory. When you combined that with the British Airways promo code “CARDOFFERU” which is intended for card holders but seemed to work for all, you experienced unreal fares. Literally less than coach for OpenSkies or Club World business class. Not that I would ever have encouraged it, but you could’ve even done one way throwaway ticketing to simply get a $1,000 business class fare to London. 

The moral of this post is time matters. I missed booking two business class return flights by a matter of a half hour. If i had acted when I posted the deal to readers, I would be sitting here bragging to you about how wonderful and genius I am instead of bashing my head into my computer. Engage with us on Facebook and Twitter, it’s the fastest way to find out about these deals. When you do so, make sure on your news feed to select “more stories from GodSaveThePoints” to ensure they actually get delivered. It saves us money and saves you time. 

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