What is a fare war you might ask? Think Sopranos, The Wire, Sons of Anarchy or any other gang related show. There’s turf that all parties want, and they will fight dirty to win it. In a world where almost all airline news is bad news, fare wars are the one benefit we can all rejoice in. Savings for all! 

Fare wars occur when a highly competitive or profitable route adds service from a competing airline. Recently there have been fare wars on many continents, involving many carriers. On the New York to Milan route, Emirates has decided to challenge the rest of the world and has offered fares as low as $260 per person round trip to gain an edge with competitors trying to follow suit. As of this week, Delta and American are duking it out for control of Brazil from the United States. With the Olympics coming, it’s clear that competition is fierce, and as of this week, that means U.S. to Brazil in Business Class for $1,500 round trip. I rarely find coach tickets that low, let alone flat bed business! These aren’t the only two wars occurring at the moment, they are everywhere.

How do I know about/keep up with fare wars? I’ve referenced the teaching people to fish quote before so I will spare you, but there are a few tricks. First, I highly suggest lurking this community site, where users post new low cost premium cabin fares everyday, sometimes even including very limited time mistake fares. Additionally, this site is another great resource which specializes solely in low fares. Second, follow this blog, my blog and check in with us on twitter. We will keep you up to date. Third, when these deals pop up, take advantage and book all the travel you can to lock in the rate. These deals are unlikely to last.

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