Who doesn’t love a sale? Business class and coach awards for 50% off?! It’s true, and its common. Air France and KLM have one of the most exploitable reward programs, are Amex and Citi transfer partners and have something to keep an eye out for; regular, first of the month promo awards….

All we ever hear is devaluation. While Air France/KLM Flying Blue have devalued in the past, they offer regular award sales which apply to all regions short haul and long haul. Sales you say?! Indeed. The sales change, the cities change, but many months out of the year it is common to find select awards at 25-50% off in both coach and business class. Being able to book a flight from the US to Europe and vice versa for 30k miles or less round trip in coach or 62,500 round trip in business is something to seriously relish. As a continual point of strategy, I highly recommend signing up for the marketing emails from the various airlines. I personally have a “junk” email address which I give out for these purposes and when asked for one in store. My phone doesn’t buzz off the hook, but I am better informed and will always be among the first to know when these sales come about. 

I like Air France/KLM Flying Blue because it’s a transfer partner of both American Express and Citi. I can transfer my Amex and Citi points instantly to the program when an award sale that fits my needs arrives, thus keeping them safe from devaluation in the meantime. It’s certainly worth checking the sales which generally span two months at a time and are released on the first of the month. Who couldn’t use some Essential Tips For Booking Award Tickets in the process….

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