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The Crash of Mayalsian MH370 is one of the strangest and most mysterious tragedies in aviation history. To date, not a single piece of wreckage has been found. The fact that the recent AirAsia 8501 crash was recovered in its entirety, less than a week after incident, make events a whole lot harder to fathom.

I am not going into any great depth of data analysis and I certainly don’t intend to create any pain. I am going to look at history, technological advancements and common sense. To put it simply, if a large commercial airliner was off the coast of any country you are reading this from, deviating from its flight path and not responding, your government would scramble fighters. The fighters would attempt to monitor, make communication, assess the situation and as a final last option, shoot it down to prevent it being used as a weapon on the ground. I believe that the plane was shot down by non terrorist means, whether the planes unusual behavior was caused by terrorism, or not.

We track terrorists, migrating birds, fish and people with far less sophisticated technology than that aboard a Boeing 777. How many of you truly believe that a plane large enough to fit an entire family in one of its engines went missing in today’s world? Look at crash history involving major aircraft. In June of 2009, Air France 447 from Rio De Janeiro to Paris crashed into one of the deepest trenches of the Atlantic Ocean with strong currents. Though much of the recovery took years, a significant portion of the wreckage and many bodies were recovered within the first five days. The same could be said for TWA Flight 800, Air Asia 8501 and every other major crash within the last twenty years. You find SOMETHING….

I don’t blame them, no one would ever want to admit that they were forced to shoot a plane full of people down to protect their sovereign land. I’m not even going to speculate as to who or where it might have happened. Could it have been initiated by terrorism? Sure. Could it have simply been a catastrophic electronics failure? Sure. Not long after the crash of MH370 A United Airlines 777 began losing all electronics and performed an emergency landing on a closed naval air strip in the Marshall Islands, giving me further believe that anything could have happened. 

It’s no secret that Inmarsat, who provided “radar” data showing a potential flight track, are major government contractors. I don’t necessarily credit or discredit their proposed flight plan. I however find the idea that it could have gone anywhere North or South on a certain arch to from Kazakstan to the South Pole be asinine. Why was an entire village of fisherman discredited of seeing a large aircraft streaking in flames from the sky? If we wanted to find something, we would have found something by now. Maybe not an entire airplane but certainly a seat cushion. You’re telling me I can find my iPhone using a simple ping but we can’t create an area less than 5,000 miles to pinpoint a wide body Boeing? I just don’t buy it. What do you think happened?

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