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The only thing airlines love more than taking away benefits, is money. I have been truly shocked and fascinated by the amount of coverage our story on “the gutting of avios” has received and as no stranger to airline conflict, I’d like to say, sometimes it’s worth a fight. Here’s why….

Believe it, most ordinary people truly mean nothing to an airline. Airline’s make their profits on premium tickets, change fees and corporate accounts, not occasional economy fares. Did you know that up to 90% of an airline’s profit is from Business and First Class seats on routes crossing the Atlantic Ocean? Airlines love business travel. Why? Businesses have the money to buy the expensive tickets to give their employees the flexibility they need and fill the majority of those precious seats up front. If all of the British Airways business travellers switched to another airline and status matched, the airline would reverse course faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100 meter dash. 

Though it can be overwhelming and painful these days, the many forms of social media and direct communication allow unprecedented complaining in real time. If you have enjoyed British Airways products and your ability to earn avios and redeem them for award flights of value to you: WRITE IN. I recently had an issue with Delta where I was told point blank “No one including the CEO can resolve this for you”. Two weeks, four typed and signed letters and numerous hours on the phone later; I received a response from the CEO’s office directly and my problem was rectified. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to barrage British Airways via executive email and mail addresses as well as all forms of social media until someone addresses potential rollbacks. Don’t expect it all to come back but if you fight some things such as point and tier earning may come back. Fight the good fight and let them know you will leave and put money directly in their competitors pocket!

Cheif Executive Officer Keith Williams: keith.x.williams@ba.com

Head Of Customer Service Denize McGregor: Denize.McGregor@ba.com

Managing Director Brand Experience Frank Van Der Post: frank.vanderpost@ba.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/britishairways

Twitter: https://twitter.com/British_Airways

By Mail: British AIrways PLC, Waterside, P.O. Box 365, Hammondsworth, UK, UB7 0GB

I almost guarantee you that if everyone reading this wrote a well constructed email illustrating their history as a traveller on British Airways and their plans to continue their travels elsewhere that certain elements of these changes would rollback for the better. I’ve seen it happen and I hope it happens again….

As always: godsavethepoints@gmail.com