Benefits, benefits benefits. My favorite card under the sun is the American Express Platinum card. Though the card unlocks a plethora of benefits and can save you a fortune, a common grumble amongst potential and current cardholders is the annual fee. At $450 per year its certainly not cheap but recouping the fee is easy and totally worth it.

Aside from airport lounge access, concierge service and elite car rental and hotel status; the card offers an annual $200 airline fee credit which can be applied to baggage, upgrades, lounge access and seat assignments. The cool thing about the fee credit is it doesn’t start from the date you use it. If you grabbed an American Express Platinum Card in December, you could use your $200 airline credit for bags, seat assignments, upgrades or whatever on December 31st and then again on January 1st because technically, its a new year. $400 back in two days! With the flexible uses of the waiver you could spice up a trip with a “free” upgrade or simply offset your costs for checking bags or choosing better seats. Either way its a win win. 

The aim of this blog is to bring elevated travel at minimal expense. I don’t get paid by American Express and I certainly don’t benefit from you getting the card. I am here to help my friends and readers get the most out of their travels because in my mind the only thing better than travel is free travel. Whether you have the card or not, I highly recommend checking out the American Express Centurion Lounges which are available to any Amex cardmember for $50 per visit (Free for Platinum +2 Guests) and offer unlimited top shelf drinks and chef level food. Cheers!

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