I constantly hear from people that they don’t have the time or money to travel and therefore don’t care about points, miles, this blog or any other. I simply refuse to accept that as a reasonable thought because travel can be free and situations change for the better. 

You may not have time or money today but you certainly could tomorrow. Anyone who is working in this world, is earning money and earning vacation days, however few they may be. You may not have miles today but if you don’t have any tomorrow you are a moron. As I mentioned in 10 Ways to Earn Miles Without Flying, you can earn miles without leaving your bedroom.

Free flights or vacations are generally not an overnight phenomenon. Earning enough miles for that dream vacation generally takes months of planning, earning and saving of miles. We live in an incredible world where you can literally earn miles for just about every consumer habit you perform from eating, to drinking to clicking websites. Whose life couldn’t change for the better in a years time? When those vacation days do add up who wants to spend money on a vacation rather than go for free? Start earning miles today!

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