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Chalk this one up in the record books of entitlement. The daughter of Korean Airlines CEO Cho Yang Ho literally stopped a flight from leaving because she did not like the crew chiefs nuts. In one of the more bizarre incidents in recent memory the Crew Chief of a Korean Airlines flight from New York (JFK) to Seoul (ICN) was asked to bow and ask for forgiveness for serving the heiress nuts in a package and not on a plate in Korean Air First Class. 

Sadly things didn’t just end with a ridiculous bratty demand. Ms. Cho (heiress) proceeded to inform the rest of the crew that the plane needed to be turned back around to the gate because she would not continue with a man who would serve nuts in a package and not on a plate (silver spoon). As ridiculous as it may sound, the crew complied with her request. The Crew Chief, scared for his life presumably, deplaned and was forced to take a later flight home. 

How could you be mad sitting in these seats?

How could you be mad sitting in these seats?

In very Kim Jong Un (I know its a different Korea) fashion the Crew Chief was then intimidated at his own home and asked to say that he deplaned voluntarily and not because the screaming billionaire heiress did not like his nuts. If there is any silver lining to be found US Authorities are looking into Ms. Cho for compromising the safety of an airplane by ordering it back to the gate. Hallelujah. 

What is the most ridiculous thing you have seen on a plane?