If you think flying in business class ever gets old, it doesn't. Maybe road warriors get tired, but for those like me who are more accustomed to a cramped economy seat and find travel priceless, it's just the icing on top. I love icing. After a meaningful and nostalgic trip to Paris aboard Open Skies with my parents it was time for Laura and I to head back to New York to resume life as normal working citizens. I knew that we would get more of the Open Skies experience during a day flight but I never anticipated a few nice touches...

Check In

Blame the french, not the airline. When we approached the business class lane we were told that the flight was not yet open for check in and we'd need to wait an extra half hour. Not cool. Fortunately our VIP services guy was able to convince them otherwise, which leads me to believe that it's not impossible for anyone to do the same. Courtesy first!

This is always such a happy moment for me. I hate waiting in line. Any line! Bypassing the lines and going straight through the dedicated fast track "No.1" is a nice plus.


The Orly "212" lounge by Open Skies/British Airways is quaint and nice. It reminds me of loft space meets old fashioned railway car and features some nice and comfortable seating areas. Albeit minus a bathroom which is just out the front door....

All the necessities, fruit, vegetables, pasta and alcohol.

Laura enjoying our cozy Starbucks esque section with a view of the ramp.

Speaking of necessities I adore Billecart Salmon champagne and was very happy to see this on tap!

The Seat

Ok ok, it's not the seat, but it's a nice picture taken on my walk to my seat.

Making an entrance is a true key to life. Champagne and water is a hell of an entrance.

Laura reminiscing of our fantastic multi leg wedding/honeymoon/holiday. Artsy.

Just show me the bed. That's how I feel when I read reviews. Here you can see that the seat is a nice length, fully flat, with a high quality pillow and comfortable duvet. It should be noted that we received more substantial duvets on our overnight flight perhaps as part of the "sleeper service". This was more than fine to me though!

It never gets old. I promise. If it does, you lead too rich of a life.

The Food

Sorting through a multi course menu has never bothered me!

The wine helps the mediocre movies that Hollywood has been making lately. Not the airline's fault. I would like a few classics on there though!

Foie gras and shrimp was not something I expected to experience and it was very welcome. The shrimp were large and succulent with a nice relish. I did mostly skip out on the foie gras

I'm a sucker for anything tarragon and the tarragon beef with scalloped potatoes and onions was a very quality dish. Beurre blanc anyone? 

The red fruit Charlotte cake, which I only learned of watching the Great British Bake Off the week before was one of the best desserts I've ever had on a plane, making Open Skies two for two on my favorite desserts.  

The pre arrival canàpes were a delightful touch. And the surprise...

Ladurèe f**cking macaroons! I was blown away by this little touch which felt more like a first class amenity than something in business class. I love maracoons and I thought that partnering with the world's best (arguable) macaroon provider showed nice branding insights. 

The Experience

A neat little thing in the "212" lounge at Orly was the wall was lined with these cool cutouts which made me feel as if I was truly on my way home. Which I was. As I will always say, anytime you're on a plane in a bed sipping champagne it's a blissful experience. I loved flying Open Skies on my way to Paris overnight but experiencing a fantastic cabin crew and detailed service with snacks and special touches made this a flight to remember. I highly recommend this during some of the insane sales that occasionally flash, like the one we snagged for these flights. Round trip business class from New York to paris for $1106. Yep....

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